Why Manual Penetration Testing Complements CSPM for Maximum Cloud Security

While Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) offers a robust first line of defence, it’s crucial to recognise its limitations. CSPM excels at continuously monitoring your cloud environment for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. However, it can’t fully replicate the ingenuity of a skilled attacker. This is where manual penetration testing comes in, as a critical complement to your cloud security strategy.


Penetration Testing Your Mobile Device Management (MDM): Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities

MDM Pen testing is essential for finding vulnerabilities before malicious hackers exploit them and cause disruption in your business.


Penetration Testing Your Firewall: Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities for Maximum ROI

Penetration testing your firewall is not a one-time fix. Continuous PT is essential for maintaining a resilient security posture.

Unheard Threats: Securing the C-Suite in the Age of Ultrasonic Attacks

Hackers can exploit a technique called ‘SurfingAttack’, which is a form of ultrasonic hacking, to issue silent commands to voice assistants in your devices (like smartphones).