Penetration Testing: Safeguarding Your CRM and ERP Systems for Sustainable Growth

CRM and ERP are not mutually exclusive solutions. By safeguarding, you can empower and achieve sustainable growth and mitigate cyber risk.


Unveiling Kannada: A Strategic Advantage in the Southern Indian Market

For C-suite executives with ambitious India plans, overlooking the south can be costly. Karnataka, a powerhouse state in India’s south, boasts a growing Karnataka‚Äôs economy, a skilled workforce, and a unique cultural identity. However, to truly unlock its potential, understanding Kannada, the state’s official language, offers a significant strategic advantage.

Unheard Threats: Securing the C-Suite in the Age of Ultrasonic Attacks

Hackers can exploit a technique called ‘SurfingAttack’, which is a form of ultrasonic hacking, to issue silent commands to voice assistants in your devices (like smartphones).


AI in Information Security: Your Ultimate Weapon Against Cyber Threats

Identify vulnerabilities (MTTI). Remediate those vulnerabilities (MTTR).Detect a security breach (MTTD). Contain the breach (MTTC). Restore normal operations (MTTRN).