The Hidden Threat: How Crypto-jacking Can Erode Your Bottom Line

Crypto-jacking, also known as malicious crypto mining, is the unauthorised use of a victim’s computing power to mine cryptocurrency. This is achieved by infecting devices with malware or embedding malicious scripts on websites. These scripts silently hijack a device’s processing power, forcing it to perform complex calculations needed to generate cryptocurrency for the attacker.


Cybersecurity: The Unlikely Unifier in Digital Trade Negotiations?

The world of digital trade negotiations can be a complex battlefield. But in this ever-evolving landscape, there’s an unexpected factor emerging as a potential unifier: cybersecurity. Let’s explore why C-suite leaders should prioritise cybersecurity as a critical driver for successful digital trade agreements.


The OODA Loop: Your Secret Weapon for Outmaneuvering Disruption

In today’s lightning-fast business landscape, the difference between success and failure often boils down to one thing: decision speed. Disruption lurks around every corner, and CEOs who hesitate get left behind. But what if there was a framework specifically designed to accelerate your decision-making and give you a competitive edge? Enter the OODA Loop.

This excerpt grabs the reader’s attention by highlighting the importance of fast decision-making in business and introduces the OODA Loop as a potential solution. It sets the stage for the rest of the article to delve deeper into the concept and its applications.