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If any C-Level Executives get Social Engineered, the entire organisation is compromised within minutes. Securing the C-Suite is the need of the hour.


secure strategies for any businesses


proven systems for Startups, SMBs & SMEs


Pragmatic Policies & Actionable Steps

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What do I do?

Committed to securing your business.

Cost centre to profit centre

Convert your Cost Centre to Profit Centre.

Risk assessment

Perform Gap Analysis and Risk Treatment with Information Security to Secure your Business from the Inside out.

Essential SBU

Know how to convert the departments into Strategic Business Units (SBUs)

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy that is built respecting privacy. International Go-to-Market Strategy.

upskilling leadership

Upskilling your Leadership Strategies, Entrepreneurial Wisdom, MasterMind Networking.


Building a profitable and Growth-Oriented System that is scalable. Policies enabling effective procedures.

Companies that trust me

I have helped many companies and listed them here.

London Based Mexican Restaurant
Social Networking built on WordPress
Hindu Matrimonial Portal
Dating Portal
Men’s Rights for India and the World
Digital Transformation for Architecture Firm
Unleashing Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Why Choose Me?

Building Lean, Secure, Profitable Systems for Growth. You preserve your valuable Equity.

22+ Years of experience

Two Decades of Experience in Information Technology, Information Security securing C-Suite. 10+ years of Entrepreneurial experience. Experience and Skills gained during employment tenure of Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Fortune 100 Companies.

customised for you

The solutions will be given after listening to your problems. Customised and Personalised only for you. Pay-as-you-go Hourly C-Suite Consultations without shelling any part of the highly valuable equity of your company. Increase your top-line of the company with a decent bottom line.

1-on-1 problem solving

Recorded Audio/Video Minutes of the Meeting will be shared to revisit and use as pragmatic, actionable steps to solving your business problems right after the call with me. Live Holistically without compromising your Health, Family and Work-Life Balance. Set Goals and Accomplish them every time.

Are you ready to Secure your CEO position?

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