The Hidden Threat: How Crypto-jacking Can Erode Your Bottom Line

Crypto-jacking, also known as malicious crypto mining, is the unauthorised use of a victim’s computing power to mine cryptocurrency. This is achieved by infecting devices with malware or embedding malicious scripts on websites. These scripts silently hijack a device’s processing power, forcing it to perform complex calculations needed to generate cryptocurrency for the attacker.


SMART Goals for Legal, Regulatory & Compliance for MSME

Goal 1: Achieve 100% compliance with all relevant laws and regulations the following year. Goal 2: Increase employees’ awareness of legal and regulatory requirements by 20% within the next six months. Goal 3: Reduce the number of legal disputes by 15% within the following year. Goal 4: Improve data security and privacy compliance by implementing …


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SMART Goals for Essential Strategic Business Units of an MSME

To create practical SMART goals, you need details like: However, I can provide you with some general examples of SMART goals for each SBU: Marketing: Sales: Operations: Human Resources: Accounts: Finance: Research & Development: Information Technology: Information Security: Legal, Regulatory & Compliance (LRC) : Leadership: The accomplishment of the SMART Goals of a Leadership team …