Why Manual Penetration Testing Complements CSPM for Maximum Cloud Security

While Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) offers a robust first line of defence, it’s crucial to recognise its limitations. CSPM excels at continuously monitoring your cloud environment for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. However, it can’t fully replicate the ingenuity of a skilled attacker. This is where manual penetration testing comes in, as a critical complement to your cloud security strategy.


Securing the Supply Chain: A C-Suite Imperative for Minimising Risk and Maximising ROSI

In today’s interconnected world, your organisation’s success hinges on your cybersecurity posture and the resilience of your entire supply chain. A seemingly innocuous breach at a third-party vendor can become a backdoor into your critical systems, exposing sensitive data, disrupting operations, and eroding customer trust. This is why securing the supply chain is not just a matter of IT and Information Security but a strategic imperative for every C-Suite executive.