Memory Scraping Malware: The Silent Threat Lurking in Your PoS System

Imagine a thief rummaging through your checkout counter, not for cash, but for the fleeting traces of customer data left behind. That’s essentially what memory-scraping malware does. It targets point-of-sale (POS) systems, scanning the temporary memory (RAM) for sensitive information like credit card numbers and PINs.


The Chilling Persistence of Bifrost: Why Proactive Security Measures Are Crucial

The shadowy world of malware is constantly evolving, with new threats emerging alongside the persistence of old ones. One such persistent foe is the Bifrost Trojan, a backdoor Trojan horse that’s been around for over two decades, targeting Windows systems since the 90s and recently making a resurgence with variants aimed at Linux.


Minimising Ransomware Risks: A Symphony of Security Practices

What is a ransomware? Ransomware is malware that holds your data or device hostage until a ransom is paid. It’s like a digital kidnapper taking your valuable information and demanding payment for its release. Here’s how it works: Infection: Ransomware gets onto your device through phishing emails, malicious websites, or infected downloads. Data Lockout: Once …