Shielding Your Digital Fortress: A C-Suite Guide to Kubernetes Vulnerability Assessment

By prioritising Kubernetes Pen testing, C-suite leaders can ensure their digital transformation initiatives are built on robust security.


Penetration Testing: Safeguarding Your CRM and ERP Systems for Sustainable Growth

CRM and ERP are not mutually exclusive solutions. By safeguarding, you can empower and achieve sustainable growth and mitigate cyber risk.


OS Command Injection: The Hidden Chink in Your Armour

An OS command injection vulnerability is akin to a hidden backdoor in your system. It allows malicious actors to infiltrate your network by injecting code that executes commands directly on your operating system.


Why Manual Penetration Testing Complements CSPM for Maximum Cloud Security

While Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) offers a robust first line of defence, it’s crucial to recognise its limitations. CSPM excels at continuously monitoring your cloud environment for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. However, it can’t fully replicate the ingenuity of a skilled attacker. This is where manual penetration testing comes in, as a critical complement to your cloud security strategy.