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Self-Esteem for MSMEs: Why It Matters and How to Build It

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) significantly contribute to the Indian economy. They create jobs, drive innovation, and contribute significantly to GDP. But running an MSME is tough. It takes passion, perseverance, and, yes, self-esteem. What is Self-Esteem? Self-esteem is how you perceive your worth and value. It’s not about arrogance or bragging; it’s about …



What is OKR, KRA, KPI and SMART? What is the correlation between them?

Navigating the Goal-Setting Sea: Your Compass to OKRs, KRAs, KPIs, and SMART OKR, KRA, KPI, and SMART are all goal-setting methodologies or frameworks. Still, they serve different purposes and work together in a complementary way to guide your strategic planning and track progress towards success. Here’s how they’re interconnected: OKR (Objectives and Key Results): KRAs …



What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness – The extent to which people are aware and connect emotionally with a specific brand and its products or services. It encompasses two key aspects: 1. Brand Recognition: This refers to a consumer’s ability to identify a brand when they encounter it, such as recognising its logo, name, or slogan. 2. Brand Recall: …