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The Cybersecurity Conundrum: Why Your MSME Needs a CISO at the Helm, Now!

The Cybersecurity Puzzle: Why Your MSME Needs a CISO at the Helm, Now! In the bustling world of Indian MSMEs, agility and resourcefulness are your middle names. You’ve hustled, innovated, and carved your niche in a cutthroat market. But amidst the daily grind, a silent threat lurks, an adversary you might not even be aware …


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The 7Cs Framework

Conquering Decisions with the 7Cs Framework: A Guide for Indian MSMEs Making tough choices is inevitable in running any business, especially for ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) like yours. But wading through a sea of uncertainties can be daunting. That’s where the 7Cs framework comes in – a thoughtful, structured approach to decision-making that …


Top-down Approach to Information Security

A top-down approach to information security is one where security initiatives and policies are driven by leadership and management, with implementation cascading down to all levels of the organisation. This approach prioritises strategic decision-making and alignment with the organisation’s overall goals. Here are the key characteristics of a top-down approach to information security: Benefits of …