Unveiling Kannada: A Strategic Advantage in the Southern Indian Market

For C-suite executives with ambitious India plans, overlooking the south can be costly. Karnataka, a powerhouse state in India’s south, boasts a growing Karnataka’s economy, a skilled workforce, and a unique cultural identity. However, to truly unlock its potential, understanding Kannada, the state’s official language, offers a significant strategic advantage.

Unheard Threats: Securing the C-Suite in the Age of Ultrasonic Attacks

Hackers can exploit a technique called ‘SurfingAttack’, which is a form of ultrasonic hacking, to issue silent commands to voice assistants in your devices (like smartphones).


AI in Information Security: Your Ultimate Weapon Against Cyber Threats

Identify vulnerabilities (MTTI). Remediate those vulnerabilities (MTTR).Detect a security breach (MTTD). Contain the breach (MTTC). Restore normal operations (MTTRN).