What is OKR, KRA, KPI and SMART? What is the correlation between them?

Navigating the Goal-Setting Sea: Your Compass to OKRs, KRAs, KPIs, and SMART OKR, KRA, KPI, and SMART are all goal-setting methodologies or frameworks. Still, they serve different purposes and work together in a complementary way to guide your strategic planning and track progress towards success. Here’s how they’re interconnected: OKR (Objectives and Key Results): KRAs …


Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn and Cyber Security

Tallinn: A Global Hub for Cybersecurity Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has emerged as a global leader in cybersecurity. Here’s why: Cybersecurity Expertise: Information Infrastructure: Initiatives for Information Security: Benefits for Businesses: Looking Forward: Tallinn is committed to maintaining its position as a global leader in cybersecurity. The city is continuously investing in research, development, …


e-Residency Estonia

e-Residency: Your Digital Gateway to Estonia

e-Residency: Your Digital Gateway to Estonia e-Residency is a unique program launched by the Estonian government in 2014. It grants non-citizens a digital identity card, allowing them to access various services offered in Estonia, including: Business: Personal: Benefits: Eligibility: Any non-citizen of Estonia, regardless of nationality, can apply for e-Residency. Application process: Resources: Things to …