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Demystifying the Cynefin Framework: A Boon for Indian MSMEs?

Navigating the often-chaotic business world can feel like steering a rickshaw through a Delhi bazaar on Diwali night. Challenges come at you from all sides, and making the right decisions can feel like a game of blind man’s buff. But fear not, enterprising Indian MSMEs, for there’s a cunning little framework called Cynefin that can …


The 7Cs Decision Framework - KrishnaG-CEO

The 7Cs Framework

Conquering Decisions with the 7Cs Framework: A Guide for Indian MSMEs Making tough choices is inevitable in running any business, especially for ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) like yours. But wading through a sea of uncertainties can be daunting. That’s where the 7Cs framework comes in – a thoughtful, structured approach to decision-making that …