CTO as a Service


A technical leader is a precondition for startups and companies. At the beginning stage, a senior developer or founder with a strong engineering experience is satisfactory to lead the tech team and make technology-related decisions. However, at the point of augmentation, every startup and business requires a technically sound individual who would initiate the projects and take managerial determinations to achieve business goals and then they seek for a ‘CTO’. 

CTO is an acronym for Chief Technology Officer, whose duty is to lead the Technical team of an organisation or build a tech roadmap for their service-oriented business. We will identify the technological needs, short term & long term goals of the firm, employ the capital investments of the company wisely to succeed the enterprise objectives.

Do you require someone to be versatile and not have to be tied to long-term employment? Do you necessitate to pay only for what you use?

  • Define a clear technical-strategical-roadmap and avoid high-priced differences
  • Establish on the forthcoming technologies and select the proper tech stack for the organisation
  • Strengthen organisation strategy concerning infrastructure and capital to achieve industry goals
  • Design and optimise the workflow for the firm
  • Mentor the team and encourage them to update their skills
  • Aids in building the team by hiring new resources
  • Fill technological gaps while the organisation searches for the right applicant
  • Sharpen the target markets of the industry and deploy IT projects to support client experiences
  • Able to solve the technical associated issues

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