CEO as a Service


What Is Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? 

A chief executive officer (CEO) is the principal-ranking executive in a company. The prime responsibilities entail performing significant corporate decisions, accomplishing the overall business operations and resources of a company. CEO represents the foremost point of communication between the (the board) board-of-directors. And being the public face of the organisation. A CEO is chosen by the board and its shareholders.

CEO-as-a-Service will enable many organisations to solve the problems and enhance the business operations in a swift and seamless way. It also enables the CEO of other organisations to discuss their problems by just opting for the hourly CEO-as-a-Service package.

The on-demand CEO is required for more efficiency. Krishna is an Information Security CEO of OMVAPT having vast knowledge of Technology and Security as well as Leadership. Plus, the Marketing & Sales automation to build a business resiliency that just works out of the box.

Why CEO-as-a-Service?

Born Leaders do require Learning leadership skills to grow exponentially! Knowledge Speaks and Wisdom Listens.

1. Technical Founders/co-founders
A start-up with technical co-founders (most often engineers) does need reliable advice from someone who can act as a CEO of their company while they can direct their energies on building the organisation, leveraging their core competencies. With shortening time span for ‘go-to-market’ strategies, the journey from product development to getting paid by customers needs a leadership leading the service realm, comprising the market aspects.

2. Problem-solving
Problems are part of life, and startups are no exception. While global companies can afford to progress and take help from other corporate giants, startups, SMBs, and SMEs has left behind because of the considerable cost involved. Go through the problem-solving approach and come up with the solution-oriented mindset.

3. Lean Startups
Lean Startups is the new norm and Now, the Remote Working or Work-from-Home (WFH) is the new-normal due to the global pandemic outbreak (Coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19). Without shelling out the equity and without spending a fortune, CEO-as-a-Service enables to scale and grow your company.

4. Learning and development
We live in the Information Security age where Security is paramount and can’t be left behind while startup. Proactiveness is the key to ensure you build your brand while we provide defence-in-depth (DiD) secure strategies to minimise the risk to an extent feasible and keep in check with the malicious hackers.

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