CISO as a Service

Chief Information Security Officer as a Service

Stay focused on your business while an accomplished, cost-effective CISO’s best-in-class take care of your organisation’s security and compliance requirements at the fraction of the cost of having a full-time CISO.

How CISO-as-a-Service specialists help your organisation?

Our CISO-as-a-Service geeks have immense experience across all segments of the security spectrum. We will work with you to learn exactly what your needs are, taking into account your budget and industry-specific regulations. We will then agree on the most efficient CISO as a service role, which may cover:

  1. Information Security Leadership and Guidance
  2. Steering Committee Leadership or Participation
  3. Security Compliance Management
  4. Security Policy, Process, and Procedure Development
  5. Security Training and Awareness
  6. Incidents – Identify, Report and Control
  7. Managing the Information Security Budget
  8. Security Testing
  9. Identification and Access Management
  10. Monitoring Threats and Taking Preventive Measures
  11. Establishing a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity Plan
  12. Conducting Third-Party Vendor Security Assessments
  13. Risk Management

Most companies don’t have the resources to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and often don’t know precisely how to articulate the demands and responsibilities a CISO would offer. In other cases, corporations may have an existing CISO who needs the direction of a senior information security specialist to enhance security posture or compliance. By working with a CISO, you can:

Save Over 80% in Full Time CISO salary, every year! 

A simple two day a month CISO-as-a-Service package would cost you in the region of €24,000 per annum whereas a full time, experienced CISO, on average, would set you back approximately €150,000 per year (not including hiring costs, sick pay, holiday pay and training costs and possibly redundancy payments).

Evaluate, Direct and Monitor 

  • Strategic and tactical leadership on information security, security governance and information risk management.
  • Trusted advisory on information security and data privacy such as GDPR.
  • Strategic and tactical advice to address existing and emerging security threats.
  • Participation and leadership in discussions, panels and intercommunication with board meetings, and other C-Level executives.  
  • Help recognise, evaluate and decide cost-efficient technologies with security-by-design.

Manage, Train and Assess

  • Accomplish and supervise Vulnerability Assessments )VA).
  • Achieve and manage Penetration Tests (PT).
  • Lead and supervise the privacy impact assessments.
  • Conception, study and optimisation of incident response plans.
  • Planning and delivery of security awareness training to executives and the overlooking of the larger information security training across the company, including information security training and awareness for all staff.
  • Directors of Information Security Team (if necessary).

Align, Plan and Organise 

  • Create, review and optimisation of existing information security governance and risk management framework.
  • Creation, review and optimisation of security policy, processes and procedures
  • Information security resiliency and incident response maturity to better detect and respond to cyber-attacks. 
  • Framework for defence-in-depth with the suitable preventive, detective, corrective and recovery controls. 
  • Security architecture, design and assurance frameworks.
  • Management of security compliance and alignment with industry best practice and standards, such as GDPR and ISO 27001:2013

Why Choose us?

  • Notable Cost Savings.  Our flexible hourly package service allows you to match your changing security requirements and threat landscape while making tangible cost savings.
  • Unbiased, Vendor Neutral View. We will always act in your best interest to mitigate your overall risk exposure and to ensure the highest value of your current and future information security investments.   
  • Adaptable to Your Needs. We recognise that your company faces continuous development and our solution scales to your needs and enterprise requirements.
  • Reinforced Board and C-Level Executive Engagement. We have the expertise to educate and present to all types of senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff.

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