Value Creation


It is important to set clear expectations for the compensation you receive for any service you provide with love and care. Failing to do so may decrease your perceived value and that of the people you serve. By clearly communicating what you would like in return for your service, you can alleviate any uncertainty and allow others to make an informed decision about how to compensate you. Failing to do so may leave them feeling unsure, excluded, obligated, or undeserving, ultimately reducing the value of your service.

If you provide a service to someone without predetermining a fair reward, you potentially reduce your self-worth and, ultimately, the self-worth of those you serve.

Clearly, expressing what you would like in return for your service frees others from having to assume what their payment form can be.

Not doing so lowers the value of your service because they feel uncertain, out of the exchange, bound, or undeserving.

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